Book Launch: Whitewood

Book Launch: Whitewood

I have, today, launched my first book – a Lovecraftian horror thriller called “Whitewood”. It is currently available on in Kindle and Paperback version.


In an alternative 1950s era, a brutal betrayal leaves several dead and a child missing. A tough detective is sent to uncover what transpired and find the child, but she is quickly overwhelmed by those that haunt the city and the dark woods surrounding it.

As she gets closer to her goal, the hauntings become more and more personal. She soon realizes the city itself is holding onto memories of its former glory very tightly. Meanwhile, the betrayer has his own struggle going on, as he tries to balance his trust in the city’s remaining criminals with finding his lost daughter, at any cost.

Whitewood is a debut thriller with Lovecraftian influences and horror elements, set in the unusual locale of the City. The City is an isolated and broken place, quarantined of from the rest of the world through its thick and dark woods, housing unspeakable horrors.

Interested? Be sure to check it out.

Kevin Deyne

A 25-year-old Software Engineer with a passion for Web, Java and Writing. Working at RealDolmen, he focuses on customer-centric projects that can actually help people and move organisations forward. Most hours of the day, he's thinking about code, integrating architectures and how to solve the next big problem. He also wrote a Lovecraft-inspired thriller called Whitewood and is working on Envir, a high-end project management tool.

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